The Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary of NDC, Mathew Kojo Njourkone has said it is a conventional wisdom that you can’t expect a person who doesn’t wish you well to support your choice that could promote your best interest and cause to your victory. 
The Deputy Secretary said, in a recent Joytv’s  programme, some journalist constituted themselves into a selection panel to decide who was best fit for the NDC running mate  position and as was expected, they deliberately “run down” persons who could obviously pose serious threat and danger to the NPP in upcoming election.
“Some of these panelists, if not all of them are perceived allies of the NPP who may celebrate with schnapps and champagne if the Great NDC was defeated again in 2020 election. ” He emphasized.
“What business do they have to tell us who best fit for our running mate?” He queried. 
The confident Regional Deputy Secretary of Ashanti noted that, none of such schemes or orchestrations can ever lure the leadershp of NDC to get swayed from making a rightful choice.
 “We mean business and none of their schemes will drift our leadership away from a good cause that will lead us to victory.” He said.
He continued that the NDC now has only a running mate issue whereas the NPP has parliamentary  primaries issues,  presidential candidate issues as well as a running mate issues. Why leave the party that has numerous problems to resolve and talk about the party that virtually has no problem?” He wondered 
 “I don’t think their discussions was in good faith and that is unacceptable”.He protested.
“We can see through their tricks and they better know  that such  schemes won’t succeed. They better tell their promoters and financiers that the Great NDC is wide awake and can’t be schemed to lose. We are poised for victory.” He concluded.
Source: Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster

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