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Coup plot discovery:a deception in highest order – NDC Secretary



The Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary of NDC Mr Mathew Kojo Njourkone has said that the claim by the government that it has uncovered a plot of a coup d’etat could be another deception of a highest order.

“In what appears more to be a case of illegal manufacturing or unlawful possession of firearms, the government is presenting the matter to be that of an attempted coup d’etat, which is a treasonable offence”. He explained.

Mr Njourkone said, it is however gratifying to note that most Ghanaians, being good citizens and not mere spectators, have taken the claim with pinch of salt.
“Indeed, Ghanaians are wide awake and will not be swayed by the usual diversionary tactics employed by this administration”. He emphasized.
He said if the government’s claim of a coup d’etat turns to be a hoax, as many Ghanaians believe it is, one would wonder what the real motive could be for raising such a deliberate falsehood.

“Is the Government indirectly inviting Ghanaians to truncate their bad rule to save them from their failed promises or from further embarrassment of successive corruption charges against them?” He asked

Mr Njourkone noted that it appears the NPP Government, under Nana Addo, is “not seeing top” and will want their administration to be truncated by a coup d’ etat otherwise, why will they raise such a false alarm to raise the consciousness of Ghanaians to the issue of coup d’etat at a time where no such threat appears to exist. He wondered.

He added that the general political maturity of the Ghanaian populace has zero tolerance for anything of that sort. Ghanaians have long moved on from the era of coup d’etats.

The Deputy Secretary said the hardship the government is unleashing on Ghanaians is unbearable making the kitchens of many homes hot due to lack of food following the collapse of many jobs especially in the banking sector. He said, nevertheless, nobody will overthrow this government with kitchen tools.

“Let the NPP government know that they should be prepared to finish their term and should endeavour to fulfill all the promises they made to Ghanaians that earned them their votes”. He emphasized.

He continued that no coup d’etat will truncate the years of office of Nana Addo – Bawumia NPP government to provide them an excuse from their liabilities and deceptions to Ghanaians.

“We will not use offensive weapons such as “abochi Knives” or kitchen tools to remove them. December 7 is just around the corner and that is when we will remove them with the same harmless thumbs that brought them to power”, Mr Njourkone concluded.

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Njourkone Mathew kojo, Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary 0246927174

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