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Distinguished Scholars of Africa holds forum on The Superior Factor of Production for Economic Paradise



A forum was held today in Accra by The Distinguished Scholars of Africa to discuss issues of authority as the superior factor of production.

The Global scramble for the most important factor in Economics is not crested and controlled by cooperating lords of intelligence.The President of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa Dr.Nana
Oppong spoke on four issue of authority such as legitimate,perpetual,Superioty and Finality.

As a sequenced but impersonal mind of humanity and thereby manifested as the authority in charge of capacities.The Preferences and the movements of humanity also known as the economy.The world where standard,compliance,licenses and permits with santions become inescapable conditions.

The nations that have set themselves up as authorities in running the world economy cannot be expected to voluntarily invite others to join the exclusive clubs.To him the power,the status,the control riches and the benefits they are enjoying as global authorities are too much to share with others.

It is thus up to the excluded to take moral ,reasoned ,legal and systematic efforts to join the exclusive clubs.Once in the halls of power,they can remain in and be relevant only through sustained,innovative contributions.

Those who enter the halls of authority can remain authoritative only by being continuously innovative,relevant and a head of their peers.Those who join the supreme court’s and become ‘yes men’ will
become the excuses of others for the continuing exclusion of their brethren from tht world’s of power.

Others Speakers spoke on the important factor of production in postmodern economics is authority .

As the mind of humanity in actions on the earth.

Authorityhas the power to create and the power to destroy economics.No amount of capital raised or no quantities of natural resources deployed can save the economics of those nations that have no share in the global economics authority.


It is about time the poor started taking learned actions to create their
authorities to run their economics or in the very least it is time to wisely demand a proportionate share of authority to run their economics.All professionals and other wise persons who care about the poor must come and work together to ensure that the interest of tht poor are justly represented on all global authorities as justice demands.

Untill the poor have sufficient authority to run their economics in the pursuit of their destines ,their economics will always be underperform and be incapable of lifting the people from devasting poverty………Peter Moadow.

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