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George Akom Donates Mathematical Sets To Sekyere Afram Plains Education Directorate For BECE Candidates



Mr. George Akom, an Educationist who hails from Sekyere Afram Plains District of the Ashanti Region has donated a set of mathematical instruments to the Education Directorate of the district to be distributed among the Basic Education Certificate Examination ( BECE ) candidates in the entire district.
Mr. Akom who recently organised super mock examinations for the BECE Candidates in the entire district indicated, that the donation was his widow’s mite to support the candidates in the up- coming BECE examinations.
He emphasized that such donations always gave the candidates high morale and motivation to revive the can do spirit, especially when it has been coming from personalities from their localities.
He re-echoed that , although the cost of mathematical set has not been so much for an individual parent, but such mass presentation makes it special and unique for the candidates.
He encouraged the candidates to take the opportunity to come out victorious to benefit from the Free Senior High School education which has been bringing the gap between the halves and halve nots. Mr. George Akom stressed that the candidates should not look at the deprive nature of their schools, but rather should see the deprivation as a motivation to rise higher to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to change the fortunes of others in their localities.
He addressed that despite the numerous challenges being faced by the district, many of the citizens from the district have taken the opportunity to pursue higher education and have become professionals in many disciplines which has been benefiting the district and Ghana at large.
Mr. Akom recommended that the Education Directorate should have an innovative means to support the candidates to access the mathematical sets every year to ease the burden from parents and other individuals who normally made such donations . He suggested, that the mathematical sets should be collected after the examinations for them to be kept for future candidates or shared among continuing pupils for them to practice with them in early stages of their learning right from Junior High School (JHS) One before getting to the stage of writing the main exams.
Sekyere Afram Plains District is one of the under developed districts in the Ashanti region which lacks a lot of developmental projects and other social amenities. The district capital at Drobonso has started seeing major development which is serving other nearby communities.
Mr. George Akom, who is also a Senior Assistant Registrar of the Ghana Communication Technology University is known to be an advocate for quality, equal and relevant education as vital tool for national development and transformation.
He is always found to be contributing to national discussions on many media platforms in the areas of education, digitalization ,e- government, and social- economic development of the nation.

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