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Economic Prudence Forum For Equity And National Accountability Poised To Assess State Behavior

The Executive Secretary of  Economic Prudence Forum For Equity And National Accountability,Nene Roger Amanor has said that it’s about time a country like Ghana needs to render accountability to the good people it serves
According to him,the relevance of the Modus Operandi of the ECONOMIC PRUDENCE FORUM FOR EQUITY AND CIVILITY “EPFEC” is to measure and assess economic management and performance, security intelligence, civic orders, state behavior, national policy, social progress index, democratic governance, etc to evaluate and determine the level of productivity of a country’s successes or failures.
Speaking to,Nene Roger Amanor noted,in regards to the upcoming elections in Ghana, EPFEC has outlined assessment pool factors to inform electorates about government performance for its core mandate for years, whether or not to give the incumbent or opposition government 4 more years to rule.
“It is more important to note the fundamental policies of the government of Ghana as cognizance to determine the fate of the incumbent or the opposition leader as who fit better to rule for the second term.
The platform is made possible for Ghanaians to authenticates both candidates’ chances to win the upcoming elections
Our major consideration and consent will focus on government tolerance on state management, national policies and achievements in relation to SOCIAL PROGRESS INDEX.
 The Social Progress Index will permit EPFEC to measure the countries’ development by ranking the prosperity of country’s inhabitants’ between the period of 2012 – 2016 and 2017 – 2020 both in the erstwhile Mahama and Nana Addo administrations.
EPFEC will consider and focus on three indicators – basic human needs, foundation of wellbeing and opportunity – which are compiled in a framework. The focus is on how social and environmental aspects influence the wellbeing of a nation, economic reflections on the individual and corporate businesses, resource usage of the government, rather than hard economic data.
 Ignorance on government policy deliveries, achievements, successes or failures on the economy could be misleading or fascinating.
The electorates will find these indicators of the SPI more meaningful to determine their candidates’ performance in order to decide. The paramountcy of the elections lies on performance and achievements of both contending candidates.
 Ghanaians are ready to monitor, listen, assess and consider the future prospects of which government to render the mandate to rule.
The ECONOMIC PRUDENCE FORUM FOR EQUITY AND CIVILITY is unweaving and strongminded to give accurate facts without bias on facts and figures on both administrations performance. The NATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY FORUM “NAF” will serve as guide to the electorates based on Social Progress Index, economic, performance and achievements.
Every electorate in Africa, especially Ghana would want to see the true picture of the economy been reflecting in jobs, businesses and realistically in the pockets.
The fourth Republic has thought many Ghanaians lessons and have gained experiences on its economy since 1992 till date. And its about time for political party leaders to be
Accurate in consideration of policy formulation. It is expected that the next government policies should focus on genuine facts that could tailor and tally on economic growth and developments of the entire nation.” He concluded
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