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Guru advises public against womanizing


Ghanaian hip-hop, afrobeats and hiplife musician Guru has advised his followers to avoid engaging in multiple casual sexual affairs with women.

According to the “Lapaz Toyota” hitmaker, being a womaniser causes a lot of financial restraints, therefore, people who follow him should avoid investing in it.

It’s unclear what prompted his advice; however, it seems he spoke out of experience.

He made this revelation through Twitter a few days ago.

“Womanizing is very expensive don’t invest in it,” he tweeted.

The rapper’s tweet caused a stir on the micro-blogging site, with most of his followers humorously disagreeing with his statement.

One of his followers responded: “Very very, but it gives u a scope of how to invest and make wise choices, unless you get the experience you can make wise choices, so please boss make we do some, Nyankop)n b3gye y3n.”

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