Will 2024 elections be about development or propaganda – Theodora Wood questions



Former Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, is wondering if the upcoming 2024 national elections in Ghana would focus on policies and development or the usual propaganda.

During the investiture of a new District Governor for Rotary Club’s District 9104, Justice Georgina Theodora Wood urged stakeholders to prioritize developmental issues and explore ways to improve the country.

She emphasized the need to create hope for the future by channelling energy and resources into meaningful development, rather than engaging in endless propaganda.

“Only a year more, we will be preparing to go to the polls, once again to elect national leaders for this beautiful country. Do we wish to create hope for the future by channelling our energies and other resources to developmental issues?.”

“Or is it going to be another unending trend of pure propaganda as usual? It bears emphasis that deliberate falsehoods, misinformation and dishonesty have destroyed the reputation and homes of many,” she said.

The investiture ceremony was attended by distinguished representatives and high-profile dignitaries, including former President John Agyekum-Kufuor and Rotary International Director Patrick Chisanga.

Justice Georgina Theodora Wood also recognized the significant contributions of Rotarians to society and stressed the importance of empowering women, promoting peacebuilding, and actively engaging in conflict resolution.

District Governor David Osei Amankwah outlined three priority areas for his term. Firstly, he plans to empower and encourage youth through skills training and support for employment and entrepreneurial development. Secondly, he aims to implement impactful legacy projects such as providing solar vaccine shelters to address gaps in cold chain equipment at health facilities.

Lastly, he intends to support environmental sustainability through tree-planting initiatives, aligning with the government’s efforts through the Forestry Commission.

Rotary International Director Patrick Chisanga commended Ghana for achieving standalone district status and highlighted the potential for increased resources and growth.

He encouraged the district to identify pressing needs and seize available funding opportunities, citing Rotary’s significant contributions to combating malaria and other diseases.


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