Suspected earthquake shakes Twifo Mampong, leaving residents alarmed



Residents of Twifo Mampong, a town in the Central Region of Ghana, were taken by surprise when a suspected earthquake occurred in their community.

The incident which occurred yesterday, caused significant cracks in the land and resulted in the falling of cocoa pods from trees in a farm within the town.

According to witnesses and a report from UTV, the cocoa farmers were startled when they arrived at their farm and discovered that the land had cracked, giving the appearance as if an excavator had been used.

In addition to the cracks, several cocoa pods had fallen from the trees, leading many to speculate that it was indeed an earthquake that shook the area.

A resident of Twifo Mampong shared their experience, stating, “If you appear at Twifo-Mampong township, some cocoa farmers got to their farm and the land had cracked as if an excavator was used on the land, and some of the cocoa had fallen hence the reason many believe it was an earthquake. It happened in the farm.”

The sudden occurrence of the suspected earthquake has left residents of Twifo Mampong in a state of alarm and concern.

Authorities fron NADMO said further investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause and intensity of the event.


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