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I apologize for unfortunate remarks; I’ll work with all – Ketu North NDC candidate Edem Agbana



Newly elected National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Ketu North Constituency in the Volta Region, Edem Agbana, has apologized to his opponent and the party for some unsavory remarks he made following the confusion over the legitimate winner of the polls.

There was misunderstanding on Saturday May 13, 2023 between Edem Agbana and his contender, John Adanu Zewu after a tie.

The vociferous former National Youth Organiser was declared the winner by just a vote, but after two recounts upon the request of his opponent, the Electoral Commission established that three ballot papers had not been stamped.

It emerged later that two out of the three unstamped ballots were cast in favour of Edem Agbana, and one in favour of John Adanu. As a result, the EC did not stand by its initial declaration, but Mr. Agbana insisted that he had won with 360 votes against 359 votes, making some unsavoury remarks in the process.

However, the leadership of the NDC at a news conference on Tuesday, May 16, announced through its General Secretary, Fifi Kwetey that Edem Agbana was the legitimate winner.

The decision was taken after a committee probed the dispute.

In a statement released on Tuesday shortly after the confirmation of his victory by the NDC leadership, Edem Agbana said, “In the wake of a fiercely contested election, emotions may run high, and the wounds inflicted during the campaign may still be raw. However, it is precisely in these moments of adversity that we must rise above our differences and strive for a greater purpose: the healing and unity of our party the National Democratic Congress.

“In this spirit I deeply apologise on behalf of myself, my campaign team and my supporters to the Constituency Executives of our party in Ketu North, the Regional Executives of our party in Ketu North, to John Adanu my contender now turned brother and others who suffered unfortunate remarks in the heat of the controversy.

“Truly, we express our sincerest apologies. I do not take your magnanimity lightly. To achieve greater reconciliation and unity, we must cultivate an environment that fosters respect, tolerance, and understanding – I am ready to lead that as our elected parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress in Ketu North.

“I reject the politics of division and instead promote constructive dialogue that acknowledges the value of differing opinions. By doing so, I opt to rekindle a spirit of collaboration and shared purpose, where the best ideas rise to the surface, regardless of their origin” excerpts of the statement said.

Mr. Agbana thanked all stakeholders for their role in holding a successful primaries, and said he’s dedicated to “working with Mr. John Adanu and his supporters to achieve a 95% election turn out in Ketu North on December 7, 2024 with more than 90% of the vote cast returning for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and the NDC.

“I pledge to work with all parties to entrench the NDC’s dominance in the constituency and retain our seat comfortably. I understand that though we had different persuasions in the parliamentary primary we are all bound by a common thread—a shared commitment to the betterment of Ketu North and the well-being of its people through the very sincere and dedicated efforts of the National Democratic Congress” he noted.

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