Dome Pillar 2 residents bemoan over billing by ECG



Residents of Dome Pillar 2 in Accra have expressed concerns over what they perceive to be exorbitant bills delivered by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)’s electronic billing system.

They allege that they have been on the ECG’s electronic billing app since September 2022 but the app does not accurately depict their actual consumption, resulting in overbilling.

A resident who spoke to JoyNews claimed that the issue of overbilling is widespread for postpaid customers.

“It’s been about 12 months since we received paper bills for postpaid meters… So since September 2022 no paper bills here. We contacted ECG and we were told that we can just do estimates around what we’ve been paying in the past and then go ahead and pay until this is resolved,” she explained.

The resident further stated that they implored ECG to be transparent with the actual amounts they are required to pay the company, however, they never received any response from the company.

Another resident also raised some disadvantages with the ECG Power App, especially for consumers who do not use smart phones.

Addressing these concerns raised by the Dome Pillar 2 residents, the External Relations Officer of ECG, Laila Abubakar said her outfit was aware of the issues and was working on resolving it.

Speaking on JoyFM’s Midday News, Madam Abubakar explained that the issue of overbilling postpaid meters is a result of ECG undergoing a “massive transformation” in the company’s “digitalisation process.”

She admitted that, “We expected that there would be a few hiccups. We did not expect that our mass-estimated bills would cost so much.”

The ECG External Relations Officer then assured customers that her outfit was actively working on finding solutions to the issue.

She emphasised that most of the concerns being raised have already been resolved in their offices with just a few customers still experiencing overbilling.

Consequently, Madam Abubakar said she was hopeful that ECG would solve every issue in the “next couple of weeks.”

“If these customers are still encountering these challenges, we encourage them to come into our offices,” she said.

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