Dr Kwame Kyei Recognized By South African Book-Selling Platform (Alkebulan)



Dr Kwame Kyei, CEO of Unity group of companies has been recognized by South African Book-Selling Platform,Alkebulan, for his eight years success in the gospel ministry.

He was given a trophy for his excellent contribution towards the progress and development in the gospel industry during the Alkebulan Great Commission Awards 2023 held in South Africa.

Dr Kwame has also partnered with the book-selling platform, Alkebulan to recognize Ghanaian authors.

Alkebulan set aside one million rands (GH¢562,693) as prize money for their best book competition, which was held on Saturday, September 23, 2022, at the launch of the Alkabulan Ghana branch launch.

Dr Tuwani Victor Phume, the owner of Alkebulan, stated after the presentation of the trophy to Dr Kwame Kyei in South Africa that,the entire globe has seen the good work of Dr Kwame Kyei and needs to be commended at this material moment so that other people could also emulate to spread the gospel to the entire world.

The award was given after the team had visited Ghana to ascertain the work of the workaholic business mogul in September,2022.

The team upon their visit and launch of the book had a raffle where an author went home with 50 thousand in rands on Saturday to thank them for writing books.

According to Dr Tuwani Victor Phume the platform aims to give African writers a platform to sell their books.

“We believe that authors need a facelift and the chief objective of the Alkebulan is to play a categorical role in empowering authors and promoting them in Africa.

Our authors in Africa are not selling their products and it’s because we don’t have a lot of platforms to promote our authors so we won’t see authors on television, talking on different television stations in Africa to join Alkabulan authors platform, so that we can give a mileage to our authors.”

The platform of Alkebulan Authors is a digital platform that sells books for registered members.

To give its members a wider reach for their sales, the platform plans to expand its territories by opening branches across Africa and the World.

Dr Kwame Kyei after receiving the award thanked the team for the recognition.

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