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‘Let Europeans Know Enough Is Enough’-Great Seer Prince Mills  To Africans

Great Seer Prince Mills, Founder and  Leader of Mystic of Open Eye Church,  has said that it is about time Africans must unite and prove to the world that we are capable of managing our own affairs.
He however  called  on  all Africans from West, East, South and North to rise up and demonstrate something  developmental  to the Europeans to show that enough is enough.
In an interview with the media, Great Seer Prince Mills indicated  Africans are rich in mineral resources like gold, diamond, bauxite, timber , oil and etc but still struggling to prosper as a  Nation.
 He said,Africans are the cause of their  own problem but its not too late to show up to progress.
He revealed that World Health Organization (WHO) has a tree as it symbol  ( logo) but it is a taboo for men of God in Africa to use the branches of that same tree to perform miracles even to the extent of calling you names if you dare.
 Great Seer Prince Mills further indicated, Africans still believe in anything that the European do by the use of this same tree but disrespect anything of their own .
He asked,’ How many of us  use  eggs to perform its function? ‘.
Eggs according to the man of God was not given to us by God  to be use as food  alone or to evoke curses on someone but  it is  use to perform miracles.
He isn’t happy about the  bashing and insults a man of God who dare use eggs to perform miracles during church service will receive as an African  whiles we have the  Ghana Health Service using egg as it symbol in their logo.
He stressed that when an African pastor uses egg to perform miracles it is demonic.
The man of God was saddened when the Ghana Health Service refused to approve herbal medicine to cure coronavirus when Ghana recorded it first cases in March,2020.
“In  March 2020 when Ghana recorded first two cases of Coronavirus, the positive recording cases quickly raised up, after three months, Center for Plant Medicine Research proposed several local herbal products to Ghana Health Service under Ministry Of Health to be  approved to help curb this pandemic , up till now ,the Ministry Of Health hasn’t approved the  herbal drugs, meanwhile our forefathers  used these herbs long before we were born .” He indicated.
 Now most of the  African countries have received  millions of vaccines from these colonial masters with a fee because we don’t value our own.
” Africans were not in support of Madagascar when it first brought first herbal drugs. Is African still under slaves?
Great Seer Prince Mills made it clear that in Africa, we hate to promote each other.
He cited that  , Apostle Kantanka has a plant that manufacture cars here in Ghana but questioned that how many of Ghanaians are willing to purchase these cars  to promote made in Ghana goods.
He said, just recently, the President of Ghana , Nana Akufo Addo presented 40 armoured cars to the military in Ghana but asked  how many of these  40 cars were made by Kantanka Auto Mobile?.
 In every term of any government that comes e power, it shares over 275 4×4 Land Cruisers to the elected  Member of Parliament (MP) ,how many of these 275 cars were made in Ghana? .He asked
We are promoting goods made by whites than that of Africans.
But these same politicians earn an ex gratia of over 4billion old Ghana cedis after spending  4 years in Parliament, but when a teacher or any other employee goes on  retirement, he /she will not be given even 20,000 cedis  old cedis after serving for more than three decades.
I’m therefore calling on African Union (AU), Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS ) to throw the culture of Europeans (our colonial masters ) and practice our culture to proof to these so-called  masters that enough is enough.

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