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The Swindle That Disintegrate The Greener Pasture Into Desert-A Case Study Of Nana Addo/Bawumia Government



It’s a fact to know that the Akuffo Addo/ Bawumia, NPP government since 2016 is nothing but a mistake in our history and posterity will judge them as such.

The taste of political power blinded this NPP government into scamming and luring the Ghanian people with over 600 failed promises, just amasses wealth to one clan and cartel at the expense of the populace.

They deliberately planned to swindle the whole Nation into believing them as the next best alternative with their vain promises and slogans and with the help of some corrupt and unpatriotic media.

Akuffo Addo/ Bawumia manage to destroyed the unsoiled integrity of Mr. John Mahama and the NDC government while purporting themselves as the sheep knowing not that they are wolves in sheep clothes.

They promise to protect the Public purse but now there is no purse to protect, they promise to fight corruption but now they are overseers and protectors of corruption, they swear not to borrow but now they’ve borrowed to run the Country bankrupt, they promise for industrialization but now they kill us with taxes, they promise for a better Ghana but now we experiencing the worse form of Ghana, they promise for jobs to the youth but now all the youth a fleeing out.

*In a simply put, the NPP Akuffo Addo/ Bawumia government has disintegrate the present and the greener pasture future of the Country into a mountains dessert.*

A government who directly steels from a global pandemic (COVID-19), A government who major in minor’s and minor’s in majors, A government that steels through sloganeering project such as (1D1F, Planting for food and jobs, agenda 111), A government that has no respect for the people’s representative (Parliament).

This NPP Nana Addo/ Bawumia government is at the wrong side of time and a mistake in the history book of Ghana and posterity will forever judge them as the worse ever government.

The scheme of this very government is nothing compared to the work of scammers and NAM 1 is now vindicated through this NPP government.

Let rewrite history again coming 7th Dec. 2024… Join the NDC as we boot this broad day evil government into the bush as a second independence for all of us.
Hail the NDC and the Visionary John Mahama.

Comrade Abraham Dadzie.
NDC Reg. Communication Team member

)ye Zu! )ye Za

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