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Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei Graduates From Ghana School Of Law


On Friday, November 11,  the General Legal Council of Ghana enrolled new lawyers at the Accra International Conference Center, Accra.Overall, 850 candidates have passed and were fit to be considered for the Ghana Bar on November 11, 2022 provided they have met other requirements demanded by the GSL.

To pass a paper, a candidate must obtain at least 50 percent of the 100 available marks per paper.Among the graduates was Kennedy Osei, the General Manager of Despite Media and son of business mogul, Dr.

Osei Kwame Despite.Kennedy Osei is the first child of Dr.

Osei Kwame Despite to achieve this milestone as a certified lawyer.


Kwame Despite, Dr.

Ofori Sarpong, Fadda Dickson, his siblings and his wife, Tracy Osei.Some known personalities and legal practitioners also graced the occasion.Congratulation, Lawyer Kennedy Osei.

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