Effects Of Sucking  Woman’s Breast Aside Prevention Of Cancer Will Shock You 



A lot of doctors and studies have shown that sucking and massaging a woman’s breast simultaneously and vigorously help to reduce chances of a breast lumps which can develop to cancer.

It helps in easy flow of hormones and prevents lumps in the breast.

However, that’s not all. Researchers have currently discovered other benefits as well.


According to Healthline, this activity helps to balance the cardiovascular system. If a woman’s breast is sucked or fondled for a long period of time, it increases the heart beat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute; which is a very good exercise for a heart health.

Also, it is a natural remedy that stimulates the immune system resulting in the production of antibodies that can protect against viruses. This process is called Cross Immuno-Therapy. During breast sucking, the breath of a woman becomes faster more than 60 times per minute. Inhaling and exhaling more often also help prevent a variety of diseases of the lungs.

Finally, dear ladies, do not be reluctant for your lover or spouse to suck or fondle your breast. According to studies in the International Journal of Massage and Bodyworks, it helps to move more than 30 female facial muscles and improves blood flow in the skin which gives you a firmer face and prevents wrinkles.

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