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Elect Competent and hard-working leaders to lead  NPP-Charlse Bissue to Delegates


Mr. Charles Onuawonto Bissue, aspiring General Secretary for the ruling New Patriotic Party has called on delegates to elect competent and hard-working politicians capable of leading the party in the 2024 elections.

The Former Secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM)said, the party over the years has worked to keep the party in power and hoping if given the mandate to become the general secretary he will do anything possible to take the party to the 2024 election with victory.

Speaking to The Punch Newspaper in a telephone conversation, he stated that the party in its current state, though efficient, was not effective to sustain the efforts being taken to retain political power in 2024 and beyond.

“NPP is efficient now but it’s not effective.

Being efficient is not enough for me. It needs to be effective,” he said. He continued that the political season called for new and versatile leaders to drive the needed change the party so desired.

He said, “The party needs a breath of fresh air… wants to break the eight, and the government has done well. We have a good message, but we need to change the messengers.”

According to him, he is ready to change the leadership of the party and help the grass-root, adding that he will work with the youth to take the party to the 2024 elections.

He believes the party has to be modernized and also advocating that NPP as a corporate body should have an insurance policy for it officers .

He spoke on Perpetuity role to be established in his tenure as the General Secretary to facilitate for smooth administration of its members.

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