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If You Fight In Your Dreams ,Here Is The Meaning



If you have a dream involving fighting, it suggests you are being attacked by familiar spirits.


Battling in your dream means a severe conflict; it indicates that you are going through a tough period in your life; nevertheless, you must pray that when you fight in your dream, you fight well so that you may defeat the person with whom you are fighting. Because if you fight in your dream, it indicates you’ll fight in real life, and if you lose, it means you’ll lose in real life. Although the fight was lost, you have won if you overcome the demon. It is not a hood fight if you dream about war since it is one of the many ways Satan uses to combat God’s people.


Therefore, in order to overcome such circumstances, we must engage in prayer and fasting so that we might have the power of God to defeat those who fight against us by employing the force of God who empowers us.

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