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Election 2024:Vote LPG To Break    NPP/NDC Duopoly-Kofi Akpaloo



Mr.Percival Kofi Akpaloo ,Founder and Leader of  Liberal Party Of Ghana (LPG)has appealed to Ghanaians to elect his party and its team to break NPP/NDC Duopoly in election 2024.
According to him, LPG has alot to offer Ghanaians but the duopoly of NPP/NDC is not permitting  his party to offer Ghanaians his good policies and programs.
“A vote for LPG is a vote for economic freedom and a good way of bringing quality education to the people of Ghana”.Mr.Kofi Akpaloo indicated in a statement copied to today
About LPG
The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) is determined to assure a Better Tomorrow.
According to Mr.Percival Kofi Akpaloo
,the Liberal Party of Ghana in government will build a Better Tomorrow that gives every Ghanaian a real and fair chance at success.
“Our government will find and provide the Real Solutions to the Real Problems we face for a Better Tomorrow.
 We will give education its due place in governance to achieve social, economic, cultural and technical advancement.”The statement further indicated. Foster

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