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We will pay whatever price to see to the  Construction of National Cathedral-KCCC

Kumasi Council of Christian Churches has stated emphatically that they would pay whatever price to make the construction and completion of the National Cathedral possible.
The project has come under tough critique and at the moment has not received much funds for commencement.
Announcing at a press briefing in Kumasi, Archbishop Yinkah Sarfo disclosed that “the results of the fundraising so far does not meet the demands of the cash flow for the construction.
The project is at a very critical state where Christians in Ghana need to forcefully come on board”.
He indicated that what the state has contributed as seed money to the construction is less than 10 percent of the total cost. “The bulk of the construction so far is from Christians, the Church in Ghana and from the Diaspora”.
Touching on the politicisation of the project, he expressed dissatisfaction over how some Ghanaian especially members of the Christian Faith are fighting the move.
“The irony of it is that the Muslims are supporting it. It is rather people who call themselves Christians who are in the forefront kicking against it.”
Source: Ayisah Foster,

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