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“We can’t accept contradicted new voters’ register”-UFP to EC

Founder and leader of  United Front Party,Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng has made it clear that ,himself together with party members cannot accept the compilation of the new voters’register by the electoral commission.
According to him,  the Electoral Commission of Ghana has today officially started the registration for the compilation of the new voters’ register with the endorsement of the supreme court of Ghana with a bizarre ruling full of contradictions.
He said ,in the early hours of the registration today, reports from various registration centers suggest that the process of compilation is full of hardware malfunctions and software configured to function in such a way as to give an unfair advantage to the ruling party during the voting of the 7th December 2020.
He announced that,for this reason, the United Font Party (U.F.P.), suggest the process of registration be stopped and preparations made to conduct the elections with the old voter register, so as to have a free, fair and just election.
“Why do we say so ? Now besides the deployment of the armed forces to the Volta Region and other boarder towns with the premeditated intention to intimidate our brothers and sisters living in those areas, with childish excuses giving by the ruling party such as, we are protecting the border towns to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country to infect us with coronavirus, or we are protecting the borders  so as to avoid compiling an ECOWAS register instead of Ghanaian register.
Meanwhile over 6 elections have been conducted in Ghana, that has seen one party leaving office and making way to another peacefully without sending the military to intimidate.
These behaviors of the government in conjunction with how the systems deployed by the EC mal-functioned the first day of registration makes it very clear what the intentions of the Electoral Commission of Ghana are, and that is to compile the new register so as to predetermine the results of the elections that will be organized by them on the 7th December 2020 even before the first vote is cast.
For example at Klotey korle early this morning, the machine was able to start after one hour and when it finally got started it had already recorded 15 registrants and as soon as  the first person in the queue went ahead to register the number jumped to 24 registrants, and reports nationwide were that this occurred in all registration centers.
How can this affect the results of the elections one might ask, the answer is democratic elections are all about numbers, the party who gets maximum votes wins the elections, therefore if as soon as the system starts to work for the first day even before the first person register it records 15 people have already registered and after person number one registers jumps to 24, this means that 23 serial numbers are in the system that has not been assigned to anyone which can be used to create 23 new cards to people selected by the ruling party.
In just one registration center they have allocated 23 card numbers that has not been assigned to anyone and could/will be used to create new cards to selected people who will vote for the NPP. Now if they reserve 23 cards in all 33 000 registration centers then the EC will give 759 000 (Seven hundred fifty nine thousand) new cards to selected people of the NPP, in a country where a president has been elected by only 40 000 (Fourty thousand) votes.
Since the process of compilation of the new voter register is full of faults and inconsistencies, we cannot expect it to give birth to a credible voter register, for this reason the United Front Party is calling for the compilation of the voter register stop immediately and arrangements made for the election of 7th December 2020 be conducted with the existing voter register .He concluded.
Source: Broadcastergh.Ayisah Foster

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