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Lack of sustained cautiousness; A Bane In Fighting Against COVID-19-Educationist

An Educationist and Social Commentator, Mr. George Akom has indicated that the present circumstance in the fight against COVID 19 is taking a bad dimension which could be dangerous for the nation Ghana.
He emphasized that the level of cautiousness exhibited by citizens in the fight against the pandemic is moving in a decline level despite the rise in reported cases and deaths as results of COVID 19.
He added that since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, officially called SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID19, all affected countries have put in place several interventions, and made arrangements in the form of policies, acts and guidelines to combat the spread and to eradicate the disease from their countries including Ghana.
In spite of all these measures, Ghana still records daily reported cases as well as increase in the death toll as result of the pandemic.
Mr. Akom continued that citizens behavioural aspect in the fight against the disease in the country is becoming a bane to achieve the main objective in the fight against the pandemic, which invariably has had a negative effect on social-economic activities of individuals, educational, religious, and corporate bodies, and even the nation at large.
He iterated that the gradual citizens forgetfulness about the existence of the disease and some beliefs being held by some people in the country are very problematic, and could serve as a possible causal way to the spread of the disease.
He averred that despite the level of formal and informal education through various media and communication platforms across the world about the pandemic, citizens cautiousness level is rather declining at a faster rate which on the other hand should have been on the higher side to support the fight against the pandemic due to high number of reported cases in the country every day.
He bemoaned about the rate at which the disease is spreading across the country and killing innocent people due to lack of cautiousness and negligence by some people in the country.
He addressed once again that lack of sustained cautiousness towards the disease due to behavioural deficiencies in the form of self discipline and compliance with existing protocol arrangements, thereby creating dangerous conditions for all manner of persons and exposed unhealthy environment and places in the country where people congregate are very important aspects we must pay attention to.
 “If you check now, the rates at which people were conscious about regularly hand washing under running water, applying alcohol- based hand sanitizer, practising physical and social distancing, and even wearing nose masks are going down.
 Some people are not even prompted about the existence of the pandemic when they are going to places and embarking on their socio-economic activities.
If these continue, then the country would be sitting on a time bomb waiting for mass outbreak of COVID 19, Mr. Akom stressed.
He added that the disease has no respect and exception for any class or a particular group of people, and for that reason, all must be cautious about how we go about our activities, bearing in mind to adhere and comply with all protocol arrangements in place at wherever we find ourselves.
He indicated that protecting yourself and not showing concern about others to protect themselves is like crying over a Spilled Milk, you cannot benefit from you past protection since you are coming into an unprotected contact or environment.
He opined that this situation could lead into what he described as the Survival of the Fittest.
 Mr. George Akom, who is also an Assistant Registrar of the Ghana Technology College opined that the fight against the disease is a shared responsibility for all to protect each other, by regularly reminding ourselves about the disease and to comply with protocols without always shirking individual responsibilities and blaming the government, because our destiny is in our own hands to fight against the disease.
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