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Embrace Herbal Drugs As  Alternative Health Solution To COVID-19-ISEPH To African Leaders

The INSTITUTE for Sustainable Environment and Public Health “ISEPH” has called on African Leaders to embrace on herbal drugs as alternative medicine to the fight against COVID-19.
ISEPH  is however proud to laud the recent herbal medicine discovery in Madagascar as cure for Covid-19.
What is even more interesting about the discovery is how the President of the country himself declared the medicine as potent making this great news appealing and hopeful.
Speaking to the leader of ISEPH ,Mr.Isaac Rockson noted that,”we extremely applaud him for this outstanding enthusiasm. It is a remarkable example for other African leaders to emulate as it indicates a positive development which shows that herbal practice when given the needed attention and assistance to operate can contribute immensely towards providing healthcare solutions to the health sector in any given location.
This fulfills the prodigious declaration of the first President of Ghana Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who said after all the Black man is capable of managing his own affairs. This is great opportunity to make Africans feel proud and illumines to fulfill this great commission.
The President of Madagascar deserves great commendation for his bravery and courage to have announced and declared COVID Organics [CVO], which is a herbal product produced by a herbalist in Madagascar as a potent herbal cure for Coronavirus. With this novel discovery, herbal medicines can no longer be overlooked with negative perceptions and exceptions whatsoever, provided they conform to modern scientific health standards and are able to treat the health condition they seek to address medically.”
Herbal drugs usage in Ghana, undeniably have played a major role in the treatment and reduction of common diseases like malaria to improve the health system in Ghana. Moreover, our local herbalists understand our body metabolism and are more used to what we react to and in what quantities.
What we are left with now, going forward, is an unbiased open approach towards herbal medicines. It is time to accept, encourage and begin to test, try, adopt and use our own locally made potent herbal medicines in the fight against the deadly pandemic.
If Madagascar has shown the way by formulating and manufacturing their own Covid-19 herbal medicine, then it is not impossible, too late or out of place for Ghana to welcome our local herbal practitioners to join hands to showcase and outdoor their findings and solutions for a herbal cure here.
When this initiative is achieved in the long term, it can generate foreign exchange to boost internal economic activities when exported in large quantities to other countries, like Madagascar is doing now. It will make the cost of treatment moderate, affordable and readily available to all Ghanaians.
Every nation as at now is minding its own business to protect its citizens. For that reason, government should have confidence in herbal medicine to support and empower the Noguchi Memorial Institute, Mampong Centre for Plant Medicine Research and task herbal practitioners to innovate; whether by funding or research assistance to actively join the search for the cure for Coronavirus.
Ghana has a potential vast range of rich herbal resource to be explored for the benefit of all Ghanaians and for export. A concerted effort to use herbal medicine side along orthodox medicine without compromising standards and quality will go a long way to improve healthcare in the country.
As we anticipate the global challenging threats of novel diseases from time to time, we should equally plan for developing, expanding and researching into diverse home-grown effective alternate solutions.
We entreat the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Standards Authority and the Food and Drugs Authority to open their doors to accept herbal preparations, monitor, evaluate, validate and approve all Covid-19 herbal health solutions which meet the required standards for human consumption.
The crippling fear and threat Covid-19 poses to humanity is indeed grave. Therefore, every deliberate effort to finding solutions to tackle, manage, control or finally get rid of this menace must be embraced and encouraged to develop.
A national backing for herbal medicine will motivate and boost the morale of herbal practitioners and instill trust and self-dependence. It will further help to develop and refine herbal practice in Ghana to consolidate our total national health reforms and well-being. If we succeed with our health system, Ghana succeeds…!!!
This is the right opportune time to demand for solutions from our herbal health research institutions and ask for more and expect more natural herbal health solutions from our local herbal practitioners to provide standardized herbal health solutions to prove that the African is capable of managing his own affairs.
On this note, the Institute for Sustainable Environment and Public Health [ISEPH], Rectitude International Mission [RIM] and the World Diplomatic Federation [WDF] are deeply grateful to the individuals, companies and institutions like the P incumbent President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo, Former President John Dramani Mahama of the Republic of Ghana, the entire National Security, Ministry of Health,  COVID-19 managing machinery, the opposition NDC  COVID – 19 Management Team, civil societies, Despite group, Special Investments, K. Gyasi Co. Ltd, Joy Industries, K. K. Preprah Roofing Systems, New Okaff Industries, Adonko Bitters, Taabea Company Ltd., UBA, Kasapreko, Zenitth Bank, Pokupharma, Despite Media, ADB, Citi FM,  Multimedia, and many more who have contributed and committed invaluable resources towards the national combat to fight Coronavirus.
Congratulations to all contributing to the national fund and in diverse ways to manage Covid-19, and all who have been innovative to manufacture hand sanitizers, PPE’s, face masks, detergents and medications.
The Institute for Sustainable Environment and Public Health [ISEPH], Rectitude International Mission [RIM] in collaboration with the World Diplomatic Federation [WDF] have planned a grand surprise for contributors at the WORLD DIPLOMATIC COVID-19 EMINENCE HONOURS to recognize and acknowledge the selfless care and concern you have exhibited for the love of Ghana.
ISEPH will continue to support anything good for our environment and health.
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