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Executive Presbytery of Assemblies of God Ghana Lauds  former President Kufuor



The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God (AG), Ghana Rev/Dr. Stephen Wengam has commended former President John Agyekum Kufuor for serving Ghana as President with excellence and dignity.

He was speaking when he led some members of the Executive Presbytery of Assemblies of God Ghana to pay a courtesy call on him. The visit was to introduce the new leadership of the church to the former President.

It was also to share the church’s vision with him and commend him for his exemplary leadership both as President of Ghana and after he left office. Rev. Wengam mentioned the social interventions and infrastructural development Ghana witnessed under the leadership of former President Kufuor.

Mention was made in particular of former President Kufour’s bold and decisive decision to lead Ghana into HIPC, social interventions such as the National Health Insurance, School Feeding Programme among many other initiatives undertaken during his tenure as testament of his excellent leadership as President.

Rev. Wengam recalled commendations he had witnessed in international circles of President Kufuor for his contribution to solving conflicts and election disputes in other African countries and remarked, that the visit was to “celebrate him and to show that he is loved”.

He remarked that even after leaving office, President Kufuor has shown so much leadership of exemplary proportions.

The Assemblies of God General Superintendent used the occasion to brief the former President of the global impact of Assemblies of God as the largest Pentecostal denomination with more than 70 million members. In Ghana, he said, Assemblies of God has “contributed significantly to social aspects of the country, especially the educational and health sectors.”

Rev. Wengam further briefed the former President on the vision of the new leadership tagged, “the transformation agenda” and invited him to his induction service on the 25th of February, 2023.

Rev Stephen Wengam also commended the government for the efforts it is putting in place to stabilize the economy. He called on the “government to bring everybody, no matter their backgrounds on board”, noting, that “no one party has the solution to all Ghana’s problems”.

Former President Kufuor recalled his first association with AG Ghana as a child, when a friend invited him to an AG church. That was when he noticed the communality of Assemblies of God churches. He commended Assemblies of God for running its administration on the lines of democratic governance.

He noted that just as God used the prophets and Judges and later the monarchical system, so are the spiritual and physical aspects of governance intertwined. He expressed the need to appreciate the spiritual, but stressed that the church cannot be exclusively spiritual, siting Assemblies of God Ghana’s investment in social interventions, such as schools and hospitals.

Former President Kufuor congratulated Rev. Stephen Wengam on his election to the office of General Superintendent, noting his contribution to the discourse on national development and hoped that his leadership would not only serve the church but the community at large, exhibiting the spirit of servant leadership.

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