Financial influence played major role in special delegates conference – Addai-Nimoh



One of the flagbearer aspirants of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Addai-Nimoh, has identified financial influence as one of the major factors that took center stage in the party’s August 26 Special Delegates Conference.

When asked whether the party’s flagbearer race is about convictions, policies, and views or about money, the aspirant, whose fate of being among the top five going into the November 4 ordinary conference of the party hinges on a September 2 election, named three factors, including integrity and intelligence.

“I know of financial influence and there are three things that I will want to talk about which include financial influence, integrity, and intelligence and I will put integrity and intelligence to be one and financial influence to stand alone.”

Mr. Addai Nimoh, who appeared on Citi TV‘s Face to Face, advised delegates not to focus solely on money when electing leaders for the party, but also to consider the integrity and intelligence of the aspirants.

“One must assess between financial influence and integrity and intelligence, and decide which one to go for when deciding who is the most suitable person to whom I should give my vote. So, my advice to delegates is that there is always motivation, but also look at integrity and intelligence. In the end, you are looking for someone in whom you can place your trust, someone who can manage your resources and use them for your benefit. So, only vote for the most suitable person.”

He went on to say that the 9 votes he received in the election, which put him in a run-off with Boakye Agyarko on September 2, came as a surprise to him.

“I was surprised with the results that came from the various regions because they were not the figures that I was hoping to get, and I was disappointed with what I had in the Ashanti Region which is my own region.”

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