Foods to avoid if you want six-pack abs



Having six-packs is part of most men’s dream. Some struggle to get them due to various reasons.

Have you ever tried asking yourself why you struggle to get them despite doing strenuous exercises on a daily basis?

Some reasons could be the type of foods you are consuming. Certain foods should be best avoided if you need to achieve six-packs body

Here are the foods;

1. Whole milk

Consuming whole milk is one of the reasons why you don’t get six-packs. Whole milk is believed to be gifted with high-calorie content that usually leads to weight gain and cause belly.

Cut down on those calories and do more regular exercise. Don’t skip a day without performing any workout.

2. Diet sodas

They are mainly rich in sugar which are key contributors to weight gain. When performing those exercises, refrain from diet sodas. Different researchers revealed that sugary sodas have excess calories. Instead of getting six-packs, they will make you have a big belly.

3. Processed meat

Due to their high levels of nitrates, processed meat has the ability to cause weight gain in a jiffy. Lowering your intake of processed foods could help you avoid gaining unnecessary calories as opined by Helen West, RD, dietitian.

Even after strenuous exercises, you won’t get six-packs unless you take processed meat in moderation.

4. Potato products

They cause weight gain due to their level of calories and fats. Many studies have linked eating potato products to weight gain. French fries and chips are rich in salt, refined carbs and fat. You better avoid them as well.

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