George Akom Honoured As Most Outstanding Politician



Mr. George Akom, Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Aspirant for NPP has been honoured by Spotlight Ghana Awards as the Most Outstanding Politician for the year 2023.

The award ceremony which took place in Kumasi saw many hardworking personalities across all facet of our society in Ghana receiving different awards for their contribution towards national development.

Mr.George Akom was honoured as a politician who has contributed immensely in Ghana and the people of his Constituency, Sekyere Afram Plains. His social- educational and economic programs in Sekyere Afram Plains District have benefited many and transformed the lives of people in the district.

For his contribution to the Media, he was was described as someone whose contribution to national issues has made a lot of impact so far as public education on politics and good governance are concerned.

Although as Politician, his interest has been on national development as against political machinations that would put the citizens under poor living conditions.
In a citation of honour presented to Mr. Akom, it was read, ” With our gratitude, We the Spotlight Ghana Awards Organizers thank you for many years of dedication and service to the people of Sekyere Afram Plains. Your immense contribution in the role of human empowerment and media education have impacted on many people in Sekyere Afram Plains District and Ghana at large. May God bless you more”.
Mr George Akom has been of the politicians who is loved by many people because of his extensive knowledge in national issues. His Media appearance and contribution to transformational knowledge sharing have made him a popular and recognized personality. His humility and interpersonal relationship have given him a lot of opportunities in life due to his association with high and respected personalities in the society. His political ambition started in decades and has prepared him adequately to make impact as a leader. As he contests in NPP’s Orphan Constituencies Parliamentary Primaries in Sekyere Afram Plains, he has been tipped by many to be the best candidate who could change the fortunes of people there due to his indepth knowledge and expertise in politics and good governance. In his award acceptance speech, he disclosed, that the award was dedicated to the good people of Sekyere Afram Plains District and Ghana at large. He used his acceptance speech to advice the youth on the avoidance of electoral violence in the upcoming elections for 2024.
Mr. Akom’s award was one of the awards that attracted a lot of applause because of how he been respected and recognized by the society.

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