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Voice from afar by Dr. Adubofuor: Take The Money and Vote On Your Conscience

This Regional elections is so crucial and very important that no amount of money thrown out should be allowed to be the deciding factor.
There are some of the aspirants who think no matter their inefficiencies, they can still win by buying out voters. All  electorates are encouraged to take those monies and vote wisely. After all it is money that should have come to you long ago but was kept for this period. Take it but still vote against whoever will try to buy you out.
The Ashanti Regional Chairmanship race is not for sale. It is for a person who can project the party positively to the admiration of all and by so doing make the party attractive. This is the only way to break the 8.
Delegates should be wary of this an act wisely. Think of the person who will think of your welfare and not the one who will think of his alone.
‘A word to the wise’
By: Dr. Adubofuor
( The voice from afar)

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