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Ghana Blind Union marks International White Cane Safety Day in Accra



This year International White Cane Safety Day has been mark in the national capital by the Ghana Blind Union, the Vice President of the Union Janet Alamisi Dabre appealed to the public to provide white canes to support partially sighted and blind persons in the country.

The white cane is a reliable guide which enhances independence of movement and gives the blind the ability to achieve a full and independent life.

In addressing the union and the press she said, although a large percentage of partially sighted and blind persons required white canes, many of them were unable o afford them due to week financial issues.

Madam Janet Alamisi Dabire made the appeal at the commemoration of the international White Cane Safety on Wednesday in Accra.

She said the provision of the white canes with the requisite training coupled with adequate resources would provide an equal opportunity to enable the blind and partially sighted contribute to the development of the country.

She elaborated further that the dignity of many of our blind and partially sighted brothers and sisters and many depend on others”, she said.

To her the blind and partially sighted persons had the potential to contribute to national development if given the necessary recognition and encouragement.

Dr.Peter Obeng- Asamoah , the Executive Director of the Ghana Blind Union said the white cane coupled with proper training would assist the blind and partially sighted anywhere they wanted to go.

To him, the cane was used to navigate through obstacles and gave the blind independence saying, “Independence is the first step to inclusion”

The Executive Director appealed to the public to support the union to enable them assist blind children in education training and counselling.

He further said importing of white canes into the country cost
80 cedis for one, and to him he will have wish the white canes were done here in Ghana.

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