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Ghana has seen tremendous improvement under Nana Addo-Dr A.P.C (DCE)

Ghana under Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-ddo has seen tremendous improvement over the last four (4 years) as compared to the previous government under Former president Mahama.
The NPP government has invested so much into the youth and built a solid foundation for their take-off. Gradually, the illiterate population is reducing and more Tertiary graduates are been churned out. A literate populace is far better than the latter, and the advantages that come with it cannot be overemphasized.
The free education has done the magic. In recent times, no child is been left out and that our basic education, now has its termination point at the SHS level. Before the introduction of the Free SHS policy, going to the Secondary School was a privilege. A right set aside for the Higher and middle income earners’ children and wards. Now it is an opportunity for all.
 The kenkey’s seller or pito seller’s child can also access Secondary school education with ease. All impediments that will hinder the child to have quality education have been removed given the child a free mind to study and parents the relief of thinking and stressing so much of the child’s secondary education. The period where Parents must sell their properties
in order to get their children to school is over.
This is vast improvement over the previous administration. All Ghanaians should be thankful to the President for this vision.
( Dr. A. P. C)

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