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Special Ice Mineral Water CEO Honoured

The Chief Executive  Officer of  Special lce  company limited , Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong who has distinguished himself for many years as a champion for the voice of the needy and the vulnerable since venturing into business, has been recognized.  He was amongst  a  number of great Ghanaian industrialists honoured  in Accra by the African Heroes Foundation in conjunction   with the Rectitude International Mission and the Bureau of Research on Governance,  Commerce and Administration (BORGA) . The event was held at the Movinpick Ambassador Hotel in  Accra.  The event was dubbed :  Presidential Globe   Africa heroes honours.   Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong  was awarded  Baron or  Varonos Black honour   by the Foundation by virtue of his huge business acumen and industrial accomplishments.  Other award  laureates were, the former  black Stars captain,  Stephen Appiah, the Ashanti regional minister   Hon Simmon Osei Mensah , Nana K Gyasi of Nana K. Gyasi Ltd .Dr Osei Kwame of  Peace Fm fame. He has other businesses  such as Special Investments Ltd. Currently  he is also chairman of  Best Point Savings and Loans company Ltd. The award  eulogies the magnitude of his exploits and  success as an  entrepreneur in spite of the apparent difficulties embedded in his way and other competitive setbacks.He started from no where but has been able to weather the stormy challenges and reached this far in business which is worthy of emulation by the teeming youth.  Since it’s a sure way to kill unemployment. The Baron or Varonos Black  honours, is conferred on individuals who accomplish themselves  in business and industry and let it benefit their immediate environment through philanthropism   social engineering and the like. It is also in recognition of the good structures laid out for the continuation and long- term survival of his businesses  even long after he is no more like global  companies such as Toyota  Suzuki etc.In his speech, the chairman for the occasion  Rev.  Dr Christian   Kwetey Kweitsu, urged all present ;   and not only the awardee, to continue to explore  , discover ,their best potential professional abilities, to liberate Ghana for  economic victory and emancipation.  Many other businesses under his sleeves.  The event was  witnessed by Rev. Dr  Christian kwetey kweitsu, President of the Pan African Heroes Foundation.  The CEO of Kinapharma was honoured together with the Ashanti regiona minister,  the minister of Agriculture and Stephen Appiah. They have all since been decorated with their honours.The other one given honours was the Auditor-General Foster

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