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Ghana Tech Lab Launches Ghana Startup Ecosystem Performance Ranking 2020



Ghana Startup Ecosystem Mapping,an initiative which seeks to build a stronger ecosystem has been launched in Accra.

The launched took place yesterday 29th September 2020 at the offices of Ghana Tech Lab located at the Accra Digital Centre.

Ghana Tech Lab which was established on the 4th June 2018, as a strategic ecosystem hub is to drive digital transformation in Ghana.

The ranking measures
the nature and level of Ghana’s Startup Ecosystem in 13 regions across Ghana.

The Tech Lab aims to accelerate and catalyze Ghana’s position as Africa’s number one(No1) center for highly-skilled workforce/human capital.

The ideas which is to market accelerator,and to be a fertile platform for the innovation and promising startup in Africa.

Speaking at the launched,the Managing Associate of Ghana Tech Lab Mr.Edward Akani said Ghana Startup Ecosystem Mapping which forms part of the Pathways to Sustainable Employment( PaSE) Project funded by MasterCard Foundation under the Young Africa Works Initiative(YAW) which seeks to create 3 million jobs in the country by the year 2030.

The Ranking spans six pillars which includes: Media,Women and Culture,Human Capital,Support and Infrastructure,Policy, Governance and Regulation.Access to Finance,and Access to Markets.

Ghana Tech Lab works with 21 ecosystem partners across Ghana to drive Tech innovations and advance digital transformation in Ghana through skills training and providing innovative entrepreneurs support and investment for startups.

The key findings which they conducted is to propel deep conversation on strengthening Ghana’s Startup Ecosystem by engaging all stakeholders, especially on policy to shape and develop Ghana’s Startup Ecosystem for the better participation in the part of all stakeholders for development.

The Ranking is to enables the regional startup ecosystem across Ghana to discover unique and strategic opportunities through relevant information and findings to access networking.

Startup skills,cultural support,process innovation,risk acceptance,technology absorption,and high growth which serve as a key elements used in the analysis of the data gathering over the entire period.

Ghana Tech Lab is part of ways to help in the youth employment across the continent of Africa by partnering with the MasterCard Foundation.

Their focus is to support the ambition,creativity and skills of the young people in the Pathways to Sustainable Employment(PaSE) Project through a collaborative effort.

Present at the launched of the Ghana Ecosystem Performance Ranking 2020 were the press and other stakeholders… Source….. Bugbila Moadow.

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