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Pressure mounts on  Chief of Staff to resign 


Mr. Agbenya Precious ,a political activist and a Member of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is calling for the resignation of Madam Fremah Opare, Chief of Staff under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s administration.

According to him, she must either resign or be subjected to probity and accountability.

Says the ordinary Ghanaian is tired of the corrupt practice under this current government.


According to him,the NPP government is only concerned in  distributing the national cake to only party members.

The called came on the wake of the alleged videos and social media platforms that, the Chief of Staff gave Gh¢50,000.00 to Afia Schwarzenegger as a funeral donation for the burial of her father.

He stated that, considering how the ordinary Ghanaians are suffering under the current NPP government administration, while there are numerous Ghanaians needs only Gh¢5000.00 for boreholes and completion of an abandoned school projects among others of which the Gh¢50.000.00 would have gone a long way..
He lamented that, the action of the Chief of Staff is a clear indication of political selfishness and just to score a political point.
He expressed worry over the number of uncompleted CHIP compounds across the country which may need only Gh¢20.000.00 to get ready for fully operational for effective and efficient health care delivery to save the lives of the ordinary Ghanaians, yet a huge amount of money has been given to an individual for political expediency.
Mr. Agbenya describes the act as very shameful and disgusting by the Chief of Staff, and a clear sign of how greedy New Patriotic Party government is, when it’s comes to addressing he basic needs of the ordinary Ghanaians.
He was of the view that, the Chief of Staff just wants the ordinary Ghanaians to believe that, the NPP government value the dead than the living and this has shown in the current economic hardship facing all Ghanaians.
He argued, what has Afia  Schwarzenegger actually offer to the noble country Ghana to warrant such a huge amount of money for the burial of the late father, and for that matter, calling for the resignation of the Chief of Staff or subjected to probity and accountability.
He reiterated that and stressed that, the ordinary Ghanaians are tired of the corrupt and insensitive government always taking advantage of the plight of the citizens to enrich themselves.
He expressed the hope that, the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and their appointees criminalities would not see the broad day light in the upcoming 2024 General election because ordinary Ghanaians are ready to bring the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) back to power to save them from the power drunk NPP government that has failed them abysmally.

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