Ghanaian musician OJ Blaq dead



Ghanaian rapper OJ Blaq has passed on. Reports say he died in the early hours of Thursday, August 17, 2023.

Known outside showbiz as Andy Nii Akrashie, the 40-year-old rose to fame with the release of his debut album, titled “The Blaq Mixtape,” in 2006.

His musical career continued to flourish, marked by multiple projects and singles, including the popular track “Chalewote.”

The 40-year-old has been open about his battle with kidney diseases since 2021, a condition he fought against with dialysis treatments among others.

In 2022, he opened up on lifestyle changes he has had to endure in order to live a healthy life.

After his stint with Kindley issues, OJ Blaq switched from OJ Blaq explaining that it was not a smooth transition.

“It’s not easy moving from one path to the other. Now I do Christian urban gospel music. My switch to Christian urban music was from my experience with kidney failure, so I decided to do gospel music with the same old rhythm style but different wording because the now Christians are different Christians,” he said on Accra-based Asaase Radio on February 24, 2022.

It is however unclear yet the exact cause of his death.

OJ Blaq’s distinctive rapping style and his incorporation of social commentary within his music set him apart.

Additionally, he was a notable presence in the acting world, featuring in numerous Ghanaian films and television series.

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