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GHC 150 Billion For Presidential Car Tyres -Godwin Ako Gunn Writes




How much was needed to revive Bonsa tyres in the Western region? A company that could have easily supplied Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, President of the Republic, with beautiful car tyres even with his name embossed on them.

I listen and sometimes watch some communicators of the NPP trying to justify this madness and I can only appreciate the words of the lizard , when it said, the one throwing stones at it, is not as annoying as the one saying your accuracy rate is low.

I have placed myself in a vantage position just to see the kind of rubber that carries our president around. Whether it is the same car tyres we all use or a Gold plated rubber, or probably a hand woven tyre? What rubbish !!!

I am sure as you read this, a gentleman has taken his bath, polished up heading towards a TV or radio station to justify how Covid really affected our economy.

This amount could have revived the tyre factory to employ our teeming youth who are struggling to be employed.

This story is just unfolding, so I will come back to other aspects of this nonsense.

Keep calm and know that these corruptions will not go unpunished. Spending this money at a time the president was even working from home. He only comes out at night to greet us with the popular phrase “fellow Ghanaians” and goes back to bed. Where did he travel to?

Let’s keep hope alive, as long as we have life, we will see the better days ahead

Kun Fa Yakun

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