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Give  youthful DCEs another chance in your government-Nana Addo told

The president of the republic,His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo has been advised to consider the reappointment of youthful DCEs and some old appointees in his second term in government.
The call was made after the Ashanti regional editor of the punch newspaper, Ayisah Foster had  toured most of the metropolitan,municipal and district assemblies in the country assessing the problems and progress of MMSCEs under president Nana Addo’s four years of office.
The editor who doubles as the author of haven’t toured the district  personally believe that the NPP government’s vision ,aspiration is clear that the NPP has a stick to implement it policies and programs  to the fullest if logical conclusion.
Technically, the local government level where it’s strengthened in terms of policy implementation can effect the general overview in terms of programs and projects and its impact on the average Ghanaian so he believes that projects and programs that the NPP has implemented within some districts will go a long way to affect the national aggregate if most of the youth are  given the chance to serve, especially at the district assembly level.
The NPP  has the flagship program such as one district one factory and upon touring some  districts like Aowin ,Suaman,Prestea Huni Valley,Kwahu East,Kwahu West, Sekyere Kumawu, Sekyere South,just to mention but a few it came to  the  conclusion that most of the assemblies where they have the youth represented do much more better in terms of fetching development for their various districts as compared to the old.
One of the districts that needs standing ovation when it comes to implementation of government’s programs and policies and has a youthful representative  is the Sekyere Kumawu District in the Ashanti region.
The said district has moved from grass to grace in barely four years that Mr.Samuel Addae Agyekum was appointed the DCE for the area.
Further checks revealed that under the government’s flagship program dubbed one district one factory,the district has had   manufacturing factory machines for the purpose of the program.
Again, the district has two warehouses to habour goods in the course of the program.
Just under this four years, through the smartness and  tactical skills displayed by the affable DCE at Sekyere Kumawu,the district  has had a technical school which is currently under construction.
The district is now  enjoying the planting for food and job policies ,planting for foods and exports and clearly the NABCO policy by the government.
All these national projects the district has taken advantage of it with the support of traditional leaders,because without the chiefs accessibility of land for developmental projects wouldn’t be possible.
Why the incumbent DCE should be retained is ,the Sekyere Kumawu district was some years ago bedeviled with conflict in the era of the NPP government(Chieftaincy and political conflicts)but the DCE  was able to stabilize the district for a better take off and now the district was adjudged the overall Best district in the county by Pan African Heroes foundation in 2020.
Under justice and security, Sekyere Kumawu district has gotten itself fire service station ,Immigration Services,Ambulance service,official residence for the NIB,police station which is strategically built to ward off criminals that were tormenting residents in between Akotosu and Wonoo .
All these achievement have made the district  very promising .
The district has other projects that are dear to the heart of it people and it will be prudent for the government of the republic to renew the appointment of Mr.Samuel Addai Agyekum as the DCE.
These projects include the construction of Assembly block .The current administration block is being rented and causing the assembly a lot so if new one is constructed it will save the assembly’s purse  and  the monies spent on rent could be used for other equally important projects in the district.
Interns of roads ,the government has done a lot in the district so far as the district is concerned.
Roads from Oyoko junction to Sekyere,from Sekyere to Asamang,Asamang to Banko,Oyoko-Bomeng to Banko-Nsuta were constructed within the four years rule under Nana Addo.
From Domase-woraso road were all constructed under the NPP regime.
For this ,I’m saying that for continuity sake the budget statement stipulated that there were equally important programs that needs  continuation and that all those projects that were started needs to be continued the district.
These projects include the Kumawu town roads,Bodomase town roads and then the recreational sports pitch for the people of Kumawu has also started and I think the incumbent DCE should be maintained to see to the completion  of the already started projects as it’s stated in the budget that all already started projects should be completed before beginning new ones.
The 2021 to 2026 medium term development plan has started and those projects have been captured in it and the district is involving church leaders,Imams ,unite committee,assembly members and once  the projects are captured there will be committed members to see to it implementation as stated in the budget.

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