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Ofori-Atta has successfully plunged Ghana into a stone age economy – Rickett-Hagan



The Member of Parliament for the Cape Coast South constituency, George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan has accused the government of plunging Ghana’s economy into a stone age economy.

The former Deputy Finance Minister accused the current Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta of doing little with the government’s flagship One District One Factory policy to industrialize the Nation’s economy from its current heavy reliance on the importation of goods and services.

Speaking on The Big Issue on Citi TV/FM, Mr. Ricketts-Hagan said all the measures taken so far by the Finance Ministry and the government to cushion Ghanaians have actually exacerbated the harsh conditions in the country.

“In the Guggisberg economy where we are a country that imports more and exports very little, and we need to do value addition which we are not doing, we are now moving from a Guggisberg economy to a stone age economy because some of the solutions they [NPP] are now coming up with are barter trade and stuff like that.

“Dr.. Bawumia started this barter trade with the Sinohydro deal with the Chinese which we were going to use our bauxite and now gold to buy oil.”

He went on to accuse the Government of being confused and not having a clue about the economy they have been given to run.

“These are supposedly people who know what is going on, and I don’t know what their motivation is, other than they not having a clue of the economy that they are handling at the moment or they really don’t know where to go from here.”

Government is currently seeking to exchange gold for fuel following the consistent hike in fuel prices on the international market.

This decision has been criticised by energy analysts and watchers of the space.

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