Govt’s performance tracker a misplaced priority – NDC



The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has criticized the newly launched Performance Tracker by the Akufo-Addo-led government, labelling it as a misplaced priority.

According to the NDC, the time and resources allocated to formulating and launching the Performance Tracker could have been better utilized to stabilize the nation’s economy.

The government introduced the Performance Tracker on Wednesday, April 10, to enhance transparency and accountability in the implementation of infrastructure projects nationwide.

However, Mustapha Gbande, Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, questioned the tracker’s efficacy in improving the daily livelihoods of Ghanaians.

He further rebuked the government, insinuating that their priorities do not align with the genuine welfare concerns of ordinary Ghanaians.

“How will the performance [tracker] impact the ordinary Ghanaian who has not eaten in the last 24 hours? How would that impact the life of an old lady who is helpless but cannot get health care and government intervention?”

He told Citi News that a competent government does not need to list its achievements, as good deeds speak for themselves.

He expressed scepticism about the government’s claims, stating, “Today we are back to cash and carry in terms of infrastructure. They want to present what they have captured on a performance tracker that does not reflect what is on the ground.

“So clearly, these are people who continue to lie. They continue to demonstrate that they don’t care about the ordinary Ghanaian. Because if the government performs well, you don’t need a tracker to showcase your performance, the people of Ghana will know.”

According to Mr. Gbande, the tracker does not provide an accurate reflection of the nation’s development, echoing the NDC’s concerns about the government’s priorities.

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