GRIDCo Ladies Association donates to Novati Catholic Hospital



The GRIDCo Ladies Association (GRIDLASS)has donated hospital suppliers and other items to Richard Novati Catholic Hospital at Sogakope in the Volta region .

The kind gesture follows the flooding of GRIDCo’s 161kV substation in Sogakope and surrounding areas because of the dam opening in 2023, the GRIDco Ladies (GRIDLASS) launched a charity drive in October 2023 to support the victims.

Mrs Amadu Azara, President of the Association explained that, with the support by Management, Staff, GRIDLASS Executive and members were able to raise funds to purchase the necessary items towards initiative for the victims. She noted that, the initiative aligns with GRIDCo’s core value “CARE” and demonstrates their commitment to both professionalism and societal well-being.

She disclosed that, GRIDLASS looks forward to positive outcomes from the support, emphasizing their commitment to Ghana’s power transmission needs and contributing to the nation’s development and sustainability.
The items donated to the Maternal and Children’s wards of the hospital includes clothes, bedding, sanitary pads,
Examination gloves medium size,
Surgical gloves all the sizes, Urine bags,Infusion set, Blood giving set
Hand towels, Sharp Box, Face mask, Bedsheets, Delivery mat large, Infrared Thermometer, Digital B/P apparatus, Methylated Spirit, Vim Savlon, Perasafe,
Cardbolic soap, Detergent ( OmO), Povidone Iodine 10%, IZAL Tissues paper and Toilet Rolls.

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