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Harmonious religious diversity is vital for Ghana’s development—-Dr Bawumia asserts



The Vice President of the Republic, Dr Mahamodu Bawumia has reiterated that the harmonious religious diversity and acceptance in Ghana  is vital for its development.

Speaking during a courtesy call on him by a delegation including the Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EP Church) Ghana today, the Veep noted that he comes from a very large family of 17 siblings and out of this nine were Christians and eight Muslims.

He disclosed that together with their parents they lived and been together in harmony to date despite the differences in faith.

‘’I am most honored by your visit and was excited to be part of your 175th anniversary. And for you to think of me and to present this citation to me is most humbling. The harmonious religious diversity and acceptance is vital for our nation’s development and I commend the leadership of the EP Church and all religious leaders for their continued efforts in nation building’’, the Veep stated.

The Veep asked for respect for the faiths in Ghana and called for harmony between members who profess differences in the same.

He noted that even though he is Muslim he attended the Methodist School and currently sits as a patron of the Methodist Boys Brigade.

This, he noted, goes to say that Ghanaians despite the different faiths they may belong to are the same people with a common destiny.

‘’God’s blessings are on this country and as one people we must respect each other and live in peace at all times. We are the most peaceful in West Africa and second most peaceful in Africa and once this goes in our favor we have the potential to develop our country’’, Dr Bawumia asserted.

EP Church Moderator:
On his part, Rt Rev Lt Col (Rtd) Bliss Kofi Agbeko commended the Vice President for accepting and participating in their recent anniversary celebrations.

He noted that the EP Church Ghana was honored by his participation and thanked for the show of statesmanship.

Presenting a citation to the Veep later, the Moderator said the EP Church cherishes the humanity of Dr Bawumia and prayed that he demonstrates to the people of Ghana his excellent trait of tolerance.

‘’Dr  Bawumia we at the EP church cherish you and are proud of you and we pray that all of us learn from you the traits of tolerance which you demonstrate so well and we honor you with this citation’’, the Moderator noted.

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana led its Moderator, Rt Rev Lt Col (Rtd) Bliss Kofi Agbeko on Tuesday visited the Jubilee House to among others, express their appreciation for the active participation of the Vice President during their 175th anniversary celebrations.

The Veep after receiving a citation from the delegation reiterated that the harmonious religious diversity and acceptance in the country was vital for its development and commended the leadership of the EP Church and all religious leaders  for their continued efforts in nation-building.








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