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Heavy Downpour Displaces 500 People In Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality


Over Five Hundred (500) people have been displaced by flood in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality in the Western Region. The affected communities included Modern City, Ankobra, Himan and Dwaben.  The flood according to the NADMO coordinator ,Mr. Francis Abeiku Nyanka was a natural disaster caused by rain up north at Sefwi as it had not rain within these areas for over three days.  He added that other factors such as illegal mining within the river Ankobra and building of houses at inappropriate places may have also influenced the flood.  Mr. Nyanka promised the affected people of the willingness of the government to provide them with basic needs like mattresses, blankets and some food items. He added that other items like roofing sheets etc. will be brought to support those whose building collapsed. Finally, he added that measures would be put in place to ensure that such disaster would not occur again.The safety officer of Ghana Fire Server S.O II Ebenezer Kwasi Kpodo advised the affected people to desist from opening their doors especially those in the Mud houses as it could collapse on them.  He said reptiles like snakes and other sharp objects may be found in the water which could hurt them hence they should stop walking through the water.  Hence, they should wait for the water to recede before they enter to pick up their belongings.Finally, the divisional chief of Himan Nana Nteboah Prah sympathized with the affected people. He chose people within the affected communities to write names of affected people to be submitted to NADMO.  He emphasized that the names will be verified to ensure that only affected people will be compensated. He pleaded with NADMO to give quality items to the affected people.  He pleaded with the government to support NADMO in providing relief items to the affected people.  He finally entreated those who were able to claim few properties to protect them to avoid them from being Foster

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