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Here are 6 things  not to do after sex


You want to guarantee that you keep away from these six normal mix-ups post sex:

1. Try not to wear tight garments and rest

Your body heats up after sex and you will quite often perspire. On the off chance that you wear nylon or engineered undergarments, it could make scraped spots. Additionally, those nylon underpants could prompt irritation subsequent to reaching out to vaginal emissions.

2. Try not to wash your vagina with a private wash.



per Dr Uma Vaidyanathan, a senior specialist at obstetrics and gynecology office, Fortis Medical clinic, Shalimar Bagh, you should clean your vagina with warm water after sex. In any case, you ought to try not to utilize brutal personal washes on the grounds that the skin turns out to be exceptionally delicate after sex. She additionally proposes that one ought to try not to douche under all conditions however particularly after sex.

3. Try not to utilize cozy wipes

“Most private wipes are weighed down with counterfeit scents and additives. Utilizing them could expand the gamble of contaminations and rashes”, says D. Pratima Thamke, obstetrician and gynecologist at Parenthood Clinic, Pune.

things to keep away from after sex

Indeed, even gynaes propose that cozy wipes are not the right wagered for your vagina. Picture graciousness: Shutterstock.


Continuously perfect your sex toys

Sex toys are presented to semen as well as vaginal release, making them inclined to the collection of microscopic organisms. This implies that they can prompt contamination on the off chance that not cleaned after sex.

5. Clean up

You have contacted the privates of your accomplice. Accordingly, it means a lot to clean your hands to stop the spread of microorganisms. Not doing so can prompt various bacterial diseases.

things to keep away from after sex

Clean up appropriately just after sex. Picture graciousness: Shutterstock

6. Keep away from a hot air pocket shower

Snuggling in a hot water shower could seem like a phenomenal arrangement after sex yet it could build your possibilities getting a disease. A heated water shower can give the microorganisms a helpful temperature to increase.

Being in that space loaded up with heated water for a drawn out timeframe will likewise imply that the microorganisms have delayed admittance to various pieces of your body. This won’t simply be hurtful to your genital wellbeing yet in addition your accomplice’s.

Along these lines, utilize this post-sex cleanup manual for stay safe!.

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