Home remedies and foods to detox your liver and kidney



Drink half a cup of water with 4 to 6 tbsp of apple cider vinegar daily before eating your meals.

Eat ginger as it helps in kidney and liver cleansing process.

Drink cranberry juice as it eliminates bacteria and toxins from the kidney.

Exercise at least 30 minutes daily to strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve blood flow and oxygen to your kidney and liver.

Beets and beet juice contains betaine, which has antioxidant qualities and promotes kidney function.

Lemon juice natural acidic increase citrate levels in the urine, which prevents kidney stones from forming.

Watermelon juice is a rich source of potassium and it is also rich with water.

Tomatoes also contain glutathione, which is a rich detoxifier for the liver.

Turmeric helps in liver detox as it flushes out dietary carcinogens.

Disclaimer: This content including advice gives generic information only and is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.

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