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Hospitality of the Dagbon people is unmatched – Zosimli Naa Ife Bell Tipagya affirmed



The newly enskinned Zosimli-Naa Ife Bell Tipagya has lauded the people of the Dagbon Traditional area for their life changing hospitality towards visitors.

She expressed pleased that the hospitality of the Dagbon people is unmatched, considering how they welcome visitors at the first point of call.

“When it come to the people of Tamale, when it come to the people of Northern region, i will say that the hospitality of the people of this region and Dagbon is unmatched, they always offer you water whenever you arrive, the tradition calls for water because water is life”.

Addressing Cheifs, officialdom and students at the maiden Damba festival organized by the Tamale Technical University branch of the Dagbon Students Association (DASA), Cheif Ife Bell Tipagya admonished members of the Association to jealously protect the Dagbon tradition and also take good care of the land.

“It’s our responsibility as people of the land and as students of the land to ensure that we take care of the lands so that they can take care of us, lets no wait for someone to be watching before we start doing what is expected of us. Social media messages are moving so quickly, so as students of the culture and tradition, it’s our responsibility and mandate to ensure that what we’re communicating is correct, it’s accurate, because if we don’t make sure that what we’re communicating or sharing is actually accurate and laudable then we’ll create the problem that we have to fix over and over again for decades”.

She stated that misinformation on social media does not build trust that can attract foreign investors and bring the needed spotlight to the Dagbon traditional area. “Am therefore urging you all as Dagbon students to share better and accurate informations about the tradition and culture”.

She encouraged the youth to turn on the light of Tamale and Dagbon at large, “we have to turn the light of Tamale, there’s a light that’s shinning but we got to turn on the volume on that light, so that more people can see the opportunities, how do they connect and what might be possible for them”.

Cheif Ife further reiterated the need for a better and conducive environment in Dagbon, stating that “We can’t flourish if we don’t have the right environment”.

Cheif of the Dagbon Students Association of the University, Naa Nurudeen Ibrahim used the occasion to appeal to traditional rulers in Dagbon and other kingdoms to use the annual Damba festival to facilitate development at their respective areas.

This according to him can be possible, if the Damba festival is well organized and publicist to attract sons and daughters of Dagbon, tourist and investors to the annual event.

Cheif Nurudeen further bemoaned the challenges members of the Association face on campus, and therefore appealed to political figures, philanthropist, non-governmental organizations, sons and daughters of Dagbon to come to their aid.

“The current economic impact has taken a repel effect on us as students and members of the Association, feeding, accomodation and other basic needs have become a challenge, almost all of us here are owing the school which i know many will dropout from school next semester if attention is not given to us before school resumes in January, many colleagues were sack from exams hall because of fees, the problem ahead of us again is hostel fee and next year school fees, which i know we can’t afford all, those staying outside the country can reach us on 0247719242”.

According to him, the doors of the Association is open for any kind of support such as reading books, clothing, labtops and other educational materials which can enhance teaching and learning.

Several dignitaries including eminent cheifs, political figures, youth cheifs, DASA cheifs from other schools and about thousand of celebrates graced the occasion.

The festival was under the theme: “Promoting Dagbon Culture, and Economic Benefit of Damba; the role of Dagbon Students”.

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