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‘I Don’t trust KMA Anymore’-Ashanti Regional Minister


Mr.Simon Osei Mensah,Ashanti regional minister has said that he has no trust in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly in moving traders back to the Kejetia redevelopment project. According to him,when it comes to the management of the Kejetia-Central market redevelopment project the KMA cannot be trusted. Speaking on kingdom 100.1 on ‘Tontonsansan’ morning show programme today hosted by The Mask ,Mr.Simon Osei Mensah made it clear that he sees no reason why the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has failed to move kejetia traders back to their shops for the past one and half years now. He said, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is not transparent and that he will resist any attempt by the assembly to charge traders extral cost before they move them to the new kejetia stores. He announced that ,as long as he remains the Ashanti regional Minister he will do everything in his powers to move the traders back to kejetia redevelopment project by December this year. He revealed that,a letter from his office has been sent to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly since last two months to move traders back to Kejetia yet KMA has not responded to his directives. He questioned as to why the KMA headed by Osei Assibey Antwi is still delaying the movement of the traders. Mr.Simon Osei Mensah made it clear that he cannot spend his entire life always talking about Kejetia project. “I have alot of responsibilities as a regional Minister and that I cannot spend all of my time always talking about kejetia.He fumed. He said,he will not have any verbal discussion with KMA especially on Kejectia project,any discussion he said,will be in a written document because the KMA is not transparent and can’t be trusted any longer. Foster

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