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“Ignore those self-invented prophecies….They are all for fame and money”-Rev.Minister Roars

Founder and leader for Counsel of God Church Rev John Ofori has advised Ghanaians to ignore prophetic predictions which most ‘men of God’ claim they received from God concerning Ghana. The Kumasi Afrancho-Broncho based Minister gave reasons that 95% of the so called prophesies are self invented predictions uttered by their initiators (false prophets) for money and fame. He defined that most of the Prophets who are always bent of making predictions at the end of every year especially those relating to politics are characters who have mastered the art of phsycology just to decieve people to make them belive that they are from God. Rev John Ofori continued  in an exclusive dialogue with the Punch that prophesies given by those who fall within the category in question thrive on probability. “A prediction like ‘NPP will win 2020 general elections or NDC will win the presidential seat in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections’ doesn’t impress me in anyway. These kind of prophesies and their likes thrive on probability. We are all aware that two giant political parties (NPP and NDC) are in the country at the moment and so if NPP doesn’t win it is obvious that the party to win will be NDC. …so what is the news in telling the whole nation that Akuffo Addo will win the upcoming elections and that John Dramani Mahama of the NDC will be defeated. Please spare us your phsycological desceits”, he stated. According to the Charismatic Minister, Ghanians instead of wasting their time and attention on money-and- fame-seeking prophets should rather give their lives to Christ and stay obedient to HIS precepts. “They are not prophets of God. They minister in the direction of their stomach not the spirit of God”, he added.

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