“I’ll die this year so be prepared for my death” – Oboy Siki tells Ghanaians ahead of his scheduled death



Ghanaians May recall that in July last year, Kumawood actor ,Oboy Siki revealed that he has entered into an arrangement with God to die in 2024.

The actor claimed that he opted for this arrangement as he believes the movie industry has nothing better to offer him, and he didn’t want anyone to take credit for predicting or causing his death, hence the decision to publicize the incident.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi TV, Kumawood actor Oboy Siki revealed that after he started speaking critically about the movie industry, he witnessed the struggles faced by fellow actors who were unable to sustain themselves.

This realization prompted him to approach God and request to pass away at a specific age.


“When I began to speak negatively about the movie industry, I witnessed about 20 people who couldn’t make a decent living from it.

So, I beg God to grant me the age at which I should die. In a dream, I received confirmation from God that He agreed to my request. Thus, the thought of death has been looming over me.”

Oboy Siki expressed his concern that if he were to pass away without prior knowledge, pastors, and Ghanaians might wrongly attribute it to curses or foul play. He believes that only God possesses the power to determine one’s lifespan.

We are now in the 2nd month of 2024 and Oboy Siki has once again affirmed that he’ll die this year.

During an appearance on Kingdom FM, Oboy Siki categorically stated that Ghanaians should be expecting to wake up to the news of his death in this year.

Explaining why he wants to die this year, Obo Siki expressed that there are a lot of complications associated with old age – And this is why wants to die now that he’s healthy

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