NPP PC leads Communal Labour To Open SHS At Drobonso As Citizens Interest Increase



The NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency, Honourable George Akom, has led a communal labour to clean the building and facilities of the Senior High School to prepare for its opening in this academic year.
The school which was established as part of Community Day Schools at Drobonso has now added boarding facilities by the NPP government to address the location problem which could not make the school fit for a day school.
Some of the needed logistics for the School have been deployed to make it complete to admit students. The few others which have not been completed which have made it difficult to open are being addressed this time as Management is bent on opening the school. The school has missed all the admission intakes due to some challenges like electricity, and fixtures and fittings to make it usable for admission of students.
Mr. George Akom, who is also an educationist has expressed interest to the opening of the school with the support of all stakeholders. Since he was elected as the Parliamentary Candidate, he has taken it upon himself to use other means of support from all stakeholders to get the school opened. As part of his efforts, he engaged the community to embark on a massive communal to clean the facility as part of preparations to open the school. He did this to support the Regional Education Directorate in collaboration of Sekyere Afram Plains Education Directorate road map to open the school for 2024/2025 Academic Year. Since the successful election of Mr. Akom George Akom, the communal spirit of the community has gone up as he has embarked on similar community programs which involved communal labour.
Many stakeholders are anxiously waiting for the opening of the school due to the numerous opportunities that await them. Pupils who completed their Junior High School but couldn’t get the opportunity to further their education due to financial constraints see the opening of the school as an opportunity to enable them continue their education.
The citizens of Sekyere Afram Plains District have applauded Mr. Akom for his vision, dedication and selfless attitude towards the development of the district.
Many have described him as someone who has the interest of the people at heart irrespective of his political position.
Mr. Akom as educationist has supported many youth in the district in diverse ways, especially for educational and economic purposes.

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