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Imbibe entrepreneurial spirits into youth —Dr.Caryn Agyemang Prempeh



A Paediatrician and entrepreneur, Dr Caryn Agyeman Prempeh has urged tertiary institutions in the country  to consciously imbibe entrepreneurial spirits into the youth through the courses they offer at their outfits so as to make them employable or self employing after school.

She noted that Ghana’s youth have increasingly shown interest in the free enterprise sector and are doing wonderfully well with new initiatives and creations.

Addressing the 7th Graduation Ceremony of the Christ Apostolic University College (CAUC) on the theme “Producing Transformational Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Ghana, the Role of the Universities”, Dr Agyeman Prempeh, who was guest speaker, noted that Covid-19 brought up interesting skills and initiatives from various Ghanaians in the production of personal protective equipment (PPEs).

“I therefore, want to urge higher educational institutions to devise strategies by which they could make entrepreneurship attractive in the eyes and minds of the youth”, Dr Agyeman Prempeh.

President of CAUC, Professor Clement Baah Somuah, encouraged the graduating students to move into entrepreneurial ventures as they seek to join the Ghanaian workforce.

He noted that though they have learnt many things through the courses they offered, there were other skills and qualities that would be  needed for their future workplace.

“You are living at a time when job opportunities in government establishments and private businesses are limited so be creative and make use of skills you have acquired in school”, Professor Somuah noted.

He also urged them to make use of attributes such as commitment, honesty and the spirit of going the extra mile so that they could become useful in the places they get to work or the jobs they create for themselves.

The CAUC President disclosed that the University had began processes to acquire its charter status.

He mentioned that the university would by God’s grace become autonomous by the August 2024 deadline given to all private universities to become institutions with charter status.

Currently, he stated that plans have been put in place to upgrade both facilities and staff for the charter status.

At the time of addressing participants, the President gave indications that about 10 tutors were pursuing doctoral and MPhil programmes.

Over 800 students graduated with diplomas, certificates and honours in bachelor degrees with the over-all best student honours going to a female.

Covid-19, the President noted had hit the University very hard with a great effect on its finances.

But he noted that the school was currently looking at various avenues to raise money to fund all projects earmarked to make it an ideal place for tertiary education.

Professor Somuah thanked the Christ Apostolic Church profusely for supporting it to be on its feet since its establishment.

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