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Incompetent Jean Mensah Must Go..She is a Recipe For Conflict-CDG-GH

Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH), after four years careful observation,  is of the view, that Madam Jean Mensa is like a robot with external controls and a recipe for conflict in future elections. She takes instructions and scripts for her daily activities from party gurus  from Flagstaff House, and would not listen to anybody`s views in IPAC .
Jean Mensa was pushed into office, after the removal of Madam Charlotte Osei, with an agenda. On assumption of office, the first thing Madam Jean Mensa did was to struggle for the code to the data system of the equipment being used by the EC. When that was not possible, she settled on a new biometric equipment; against major stake holders opinion. When the manufacturer (who has the code) came out to confirm the credibility of the old equipment in a letter, she quickly decided there is the need for facial recognition technology to eliminate manual verification. Without any consultation with IPAC, she selected three Companies, for a new equipment for a new register. After shifting the post in several unconvincing directions, she decided to send a Constitutional Instrument ( CI) to Parliament to legitimize her voter`s registration, where Ghana card instead of voters ID is requisite. Her deceitful flair to undermining fairness, transparency, credibility and neutrality is phenomenal.
 The election 2020, by all standards, was a rigged election full of flaws.   Over one million extra ballot papers printed by EC and concealed, was found in the Ashanti Region. They  were retrieved and burnt by officials. In Accra EC officials were caught in the night printing ballot papers and issuing registration cards in private homes. EC officials out of mischief used ordinary blotting ink in opponents stronghold, instead of using recognized Internationally accepted Ink; leading to  many rejected ballot papers. Besides, there were no guide lines for collation processes and the experienced EC workers before the elections were transferred to the regions, and replaced by Party faithful with little or no experience to be used for rigging.
As a result of the above incompetence, a  petition has been sent to the President by concern citizens, to dismiss Jean Mensa. The petition as I write, is being kept secret. Readers would remember ; a similar petition was sent for the removal of Madam Charlotte Osei. The petition which fell short of legal mandatory requirement; was sent to the President in 2017. The President showed interest and functioned as legal consultant, calling on the petitioners to rectify legal errors.  The absurdity of the dismissal, comes to play, when one considers that the petition had major flaws. It carried no valid signature. It had no date and one of the petitioners whose name was George Adgya, died many years before the petition.  The petition, which was still not properly constituted was sent to the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice, establishes a prima facie case and constitutes an ad-hoc Committee to look into the issue. The Committee`s report sent to the President, led to her dismissal by the President. Now that we have a new petition which is legally constituted, we demand the President`s quick reaction along the process.
 Dr E.K. Hayford,
Executive Director, CDG-GH
0277606338 /0243609277

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