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Islamic Morgues in NDC manifesto was a special request from the muslim community- Abass Nurudeen



The Ashanti Regional communication officer of the NDC,Mr. Abass Nurudeen, has stated that during the consultative process that preceded the writing of NDC’s peoples manifesto,the coalition of muslim youth made a special request for islamic-oriented Mortuaries to serve the peculiar needs of the muslim community in Ghana.

The need for this request was necessitated by the unislamic manner in which muslim dead bodies are subjected to in the regular Mortuaries.

He said,”in islam when a person dies,he/she must be buried as soon as possible.but laborious process that muslim family go through before bodies of thier dead relatives are released to them causes so much stress to the bereaved family and sometimes too the cost involved are quite exorbitant”.

So the fact that NDC has put this major concern in their manifesto means their manifesto is indeed a peoples manfesto.

We in the zongo communities are most grateful and will show our gratitute by overwhelmingly vote for John Mahama in the 2020 Elections.

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